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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It Lives

I'm back up and running on the proper address.

It was the fault of my web hosts who say that my ftp password 'had become corrupt', right, whatever that means. In fact I'm going to try that next time someone complains about how long it has taken their dinner to arrive, "I'm sorry Sir, but your order has become corrupt."

Right, back over to Yorkshiresoul dot org it is then.


Space Geek

Pardus - Orion = WAR! I got blown up twice in the early stages and since then I have nearly made it onto the Union's Most Despised list for my attacks against factories and weapons plants. I survived an insane dash around enemy space after misreading the cloaking rule, but survived against the odds.

Pardus - Pegasus, joined the League of Extraordinary Gents along with Wossername / Fidel Quixote, been killed about 3 times by various nasty life forms, but pottering on nicely.

Eve Trinity - Except that my PC won't run the new Trinity graphics package, boo. I have left Nakama GF and joined a new corp, Griffin Star Productions, they seem like a nice bunch. This morning I lost Mr. Whippy, my Dominix battleship, during a fight. I don't mind losing the ship, it was insured after all, but the various rigs and modifications, equipment and weapons have cost me millions and millions of ISK's. What shall I call the new ship ?

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Red Rock Canyon

This area lies just a few miles outside Las Vegas, it's stunning, quite stunning. Most of Arizona is miles upon vast miles of flat nothingness, and then mountains suddenly rise up like those in a child's painting, up and down with sharp peaks and none of the rolling foothills that we would expect at home.

The red stone has a tiny fraction of iron ore in it which gives the stone it's red colouring.

The next holiday we have we have agreed that I can bring my hiking gear and go off by myself for a day, I was yearning for it all the time we were in Arizona, there is some wonderful wild country to wander across.

I know that a lot of folk would be quite content just to see this fromthe safety of their air conditioned 4WD, but I would love to out there amongst the scrub and rocks and cacti, it is so beautiful. I hope the people that live close to this appreciate what they have got.

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Right then, we've been back from the US of A for a couple of weeks now, a quick life update.....

We are in the middle of the fairly busy Christmas period, dinners most nights and a brass band and carol service tonight, it will be loud.

We actually got invited to DSP Andy's for dinner, the last time he asked everybody round the UK was still using pounds and shillings. Much wine was consumed, far too much by P, we finally met Dr. P who is a very nice chap indeed (for a Lancastrian), and DSP got renamed Alzeimer Andy after repeating forgetting what was going in in the word game. Eva cooked dinner and we had a great night, and yes Andy, we would love to come again soon.

Dad is in hospital today having his dodgy knee replaced with a better functioning one, and although I'm sure everything is going to go well, you can't help but be a little worried.

I am looking forward to Christmas Day, we will have around 20 family and friends over for dinner, and then run riot with the kids for a while before sinking into a stupor brought on by an excess of food and Rioja. I'm only putting out one bottle of wine this year, but it's a hell of a bottle.

I will be jumping in White Wells on New Year's Day 2008, anyone with a similar lack of common sense is welcome to join me.

Brother in Law mk.2 is floating the idea of doing the Great North Run next year. Well, to be more truthful, the big wuss is challenging me and his missus to do it, and if I can get a place with Sightsavers I just might. I've put on so much weight on my hols though, I'll have to do some serious training.

I've read heaps of books, seen a movie or two, got some new music, drunk plenty of good wine, eaten at some nice and not so nice places, reports all to follow, hope you're all well, YS.

Advice From The Experts

In one of the blizzard of free booklets that the Indy gives away was a little booklet about blogging, it is full of handy hints and tips, although alas, no information on how how to cure 530 errors or get a response from Google/Blogger, but it did contain this gem......

"Don't post 17 times in one day just because you missed a few days the previous week"

Oh, I'll be ignoring that pearl of wisdom, prepare for post flood.


Absolute Bloody Frustration

After spending half the day trying to sort out the main blog, I now think that the problem may lie with my web hosting service, I'm getting the '530 error' from Blogger, Cute and Leech, so it can't be all 3 systems at fault ? Right ?

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An Embuggerance

Terry Pratchett has Alzeimer's, but wishes to point out that he is not dead yet.

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Gods of Luck ?

In amongst the temples of luck and fortune (i.e. the megacasinos) there is this little shrine populated by elephants.


Bugger Blogger

The main Yorkshiresul site seems to be kaput. I can't post to it at all, either I get a "530 exception error", or else the post just times out after doing nothing for minutes on end. Blogger don't seem to respond to help requests since they got bought out by Google, and from messages on the Blogger help boards, the 530 Exception might be an unsolveable problem, other bloggers have been locked out of their sites for months or even permanently.

I'll post here for a while whilst I look into other systems, I really would liketo get the main site up and running again.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rambling Quiz Series 5 Final

It's a picture round, identify these people....











Answers via e-mail to, headed "Quiz Final", on/by Wed 17th Jan 2007.

No lists of possible answers, good luck.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rambling Quiz 5.9

1) What position links Yo Yo Ma, Jane Goodall, Mohammed Ali and Vijay Amritaj ?

2) Unravel these prizewinners, who created them, and what prizes did they win ?

Silk wife being backwards the stuart beauty late harmony life on a freddie factory

3) What could you still do in April 2006 in Urdu, Mandarin, Arabic, Romanian and Tamil but not in Greek, Polish, Thai, Kazakh or Slovene ?

4) Which comedian and acto had a reputation for uncompromising and profane routines on sex, race and poverty, once caused himself severe burns when freebasing cocaine, became the highest paid black actor (at that time), married numerous times and died in 2005 ?

5) What geographical oddity is common to Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan and to no other country ?

6) Which country made the surprisr decision to switch it's capitol in 2005, from where to where ?

7) What heavyweight titles did Jamie Paul, Edward Day and Ustar Marjan take in 2006 ?

8) -7, +5, -18, -18. Winning scores from four 2006 sporting events, who made these scores and at which events ?

9) What linked the Aflag irrigation system, the Crac des Chevaliers, Hara Jugol and the Vizcaya bridge in 2006 ?

10) On the web, what is the informational link between Tianamen Square, Falun Gong, Dongzhou and Taiwanese Independance ?

The rules, post your answers to

on/by Wednesday 10th Jan 2007

use "Quiz 5.9" as your title/header

No lists of possible answers (unless the question calls for multiple answers)

Have fun, good luck!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Quiz 5.8

1) Under whose leadership did Mafeking survive its seven week seige ?

2) What is a list of a ship's cargo called ?

3) In the verson of Ilkey Moor Baht'at commonly sung by locals, which creatures play what ball game ?

4) Since WW2, how many years have there been in which British Armed Forces personnel did not suffer fatalities whilst on active duty ?

5) What name was given to the 1942 Allied landings on the North African coast ?

6) Which celebrity won a £25,000 prize in 2006 which she promised to spend on "make-up, clothes and orange lipstick" ?

7) 2006 started slightly late, explain why ? (2)

8) Who came out from behind the wall to go hitch hiking ?

9) Which poorly planned island assualt resulted in the deaths of almost 7,000 US Marines, one third of the totale losses suffered by the Corps in the Pacific ?

10) Can you link an 80's comedy horror film featuring Keifer Sutherland with a program to settle refugees from Africa to the USA ?

All questions are worth 1 point, except 7 which I'll generously hand out a bonus point for decent explantions.

No answers in the comments.

No lists of answers.

Answers to on/by New Year's Eve, I will try to post the answers on Jan 2nd.

Have a happy christmas folks, thanks for taking part in all the quizzes.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Series 5.7

Answers to on/by Sun 8th Oct 2006

No lists of answers.

No spoilers on either site please.

Who are these folk ?