Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rambling Quiz 5.9

1) What position links Yo Yo Ma, Jane Goodall, Mohammed Ali and Vijay Amritaj ?

2) Unravel these prizewinners, who created them, and what prizes did they win ?

Silk wife being backwards the stuart beauty late harmony life on a freddie factory

3) What could you still do in April 2006 in Urdu, Mandarin, Arabic, Romanian and Tamil but not in Greek, Polish, Thai, Kazakh or Slovene ?

4) Which comedian and acto had a reputation for uncompromising and profane routines on sex, race and poverty, once caused himself severe burns when freebasing cocaine, became the highest paid black actor (at that time), married numerous times and died in 2005 ?

5) What geographical oddity is common to Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan and to no other country ?

6) Which country made the surprisr decision to switch it's capitol in 2005, from where to where ?

7) What heavyweight titles did Jamie Paul, Edward Day and Ustar Marjan take in 2006 ?

8) -7, +5, -18, -18. Winning scores from four 2006 sporting events, who made these scores and at which events ?

9) What linked the Aflag irrigation system, the Crac des Chevaliers, Hara Jugol and the Vizcaya bridge in 2006 ?

10) On the web, what is the informational link between Tianamen Square, Falun Gong, Dongzhou and Taiwanese Independance ?

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on/by Wednesday 10th Jan 2007

use "Quiz 5.9" as your title/header

No lists of possible answers (unless the question calls for multiple answers)

Have fun, good luck!