Thursday, December 13, 2007


Right then, we've been back from the US of A for a couple of weeks now, a quick life update.....

We are in the middle of the fairly busy Christmas period, dinners most nights and a brass band and carol service tonight, it will be loud.

We actually got invited to DSP Andy's for dinner, the last time he asked everybody round the UK was still using pounds and shillings. Much wine was consumed, far too much by P, we finally met Dr. P who is a very nice chap indeed (for a Lancastrian), and DSP got renamed Alzeimer Andy after repeating forgetting what was going in in the word game. Eva cooked dinner and we had a great night, and yes Andy, we would love to come again soon.

Dad is in hospital today having his dodgy knee replaced with a better functioning one, and although I'm sure everything is going to go well, you can't help but be a little worried.

I am looking forward to Christmas Day, we will have around 20 family and friends over for dinner, and then run riot with the kids for a while before sinking into a stupor brought on by an excess of food and Rioja. I'm only putting out one bottle of wine this year, but it's a hell of a bottle.

I will be jumping in White Wells on New Year's Day 2008, anyone with a similar lack of common sense is welcome to join me.

Brother in Law mk.2 is floating the idea of doing the Great North Run next year. Well, to be more truthful, the big wuss is challenging me and his missus to do it, and if I can get a place with Sightsavers I just might. I've put on so much weight on my hols though, I'll have to do some serious training.

I've read heaps of books, seen a movie or two, got some new music, drunk plenty of good wine, eaten at some nice and not so nice places, reports all to follow, hope you're all well, YS.


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