Thursday, December 13, 2007

Space Geek

Pardus - Orion = WAR! I got blown up twice in the early stages and since then I have nearly made it onto the Union's Most Despised list for my attacks against factories and weapons plants. I survived an insane dash around enemy space after misreading the cloaking rule, but survived against the odds.

Pardus - Pegasus, joined the League of Extraordinary Gents along with Wossername / Fidel Quixote, been killed about 3 times by various nasty life forms, but pottering on nicely.

Eve Trinity - Except that my PC won't run the new Trinity graphics package, boo. I have left Nakama GF and joined a new corp, Griffin Star Productions, they seem like a nice bunch. This morning I lost Mr. Whippy, my Dominix battleship, during a fight. I don't mind losing the ship, it was insured after all, but the various rigs and modifications, equipment and weapons have cost me millions and millions of ISK's. What shall I call the new ship ?

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Blogger Eleanor said...

Erm, you lost me by the end of the first sentence, so nothing to say about this post. Gamer geek I'm not. But I'll put my comment here anyway, since it's your most recent post. You've REALLY missed blogging, haven't you? :) Great to see you back, as we've missed you, too.

Gorgeous holiday snaps, nice to catch up with you in general, and many good wishes for your dad today. He'll be fine, but it's only natural for you to worry. Payback time for all of the times he has worried about you. :)

Have a good one!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous thejamesb said...

Call it the Red Rock or maybe even The Bellagio

11:12 AM  

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