Friday, December 22, 2006

Quiz 5.8

1) Under whose leadership did Mafeking survive its seven week seige ?

2) What is a list of a ship's cargo called ?

3) In the verson of Ilkey Moor Baht'at commonly sung by locals, which creatures play what ball game ?

4) Since WW2, how many years have there been in which British Armed Forces personnel did not suffer fatalities whilst on active duty ?

5) What name was given to the 1942 Allied landings on the North African coast ?

6) Which celebrity won a £25,000 prize in 2006 which she promised to spend on "make-up, clothes and orange lipstick" ?

7) 2006 started slightly late, explain why ? (2)

8) Who came out from behind the wall to go hitch hiking ?

9) Which poorly planned island assualt resulted in the deaths of almost 7,000 US Marines, one third of the totale losses suffered by the Corps in the Pacific ?

10) Can you link an 80's comedy horror film featuring Keifer Sutherland with a program to settle refugees from Africa to the USA ?

All questions are worth 1 point, except 7 which I'll generously hand out a bonus point for decent explantions.

No answers in the comments.

No lists of answers.

Answers to on/by New Year's Eve, I will try to post the answers on Jan 2nd.

Have a happy christmas folks, thanks for taking part in all the quizzes.